What to get my wife for christmas?

Buying a gifts for your wife is a hard job, so i collected some ideas to help you pick the right Christmas gift for your wife :

Bucket in the shape of a pumpkin with face

Celebrate Halloween you? This festival is increasingly celebrated.

If you go on the street to ask for candy, you need a bucket to make the snacks in it.

Of course, you can also use this bucket pumpkin as Halloween decoration at the front door or window.

In the cute bucket in the shape of a pumpkin with a face, you can put an autumn plant. The possibilities are endless. Plant in a pumpkin …

Gadget for funny pictures

Nowadays we often make photos because almost every mobile phone comes with a built-in camera. Furthermore, you want social media to share what’s happening in your life.

You made so many photos that you have no new facial expressions can think of more? Then you can draw a face with the hyper lip. Of course, you can also use it to do jolly.

The HyperLip brings you now guaranteed the original new pose. New fuller lips and a long-lasting smile suddenly belong to the possibilities. Funny faces support!

Pizza cut with a bicycle


Do you like pizza and bicycles? Then it’s best to cut your pizza with a bike. You think now likely “no, I do not cut pizza with a motorcycle.” We let you change your mind because this cool looking Fixie bike is a pizza cutter. With the wheels, you cut the pizza into pieces quickly … Make pizza more fun …

Tweety-nail holder

Do you also that if you want to paint your nails, this is a challenge? Maybe you can not find a suitable / stable place to put your nail polish or nail polish, which is not yet dry, damaged when you want to pick up the bottle …

To avoid a mess nail polish, use the nail polish Tweety holder. This has plastic rings that you just slides on two fingers. Just clip the bottle with nail firmly into the hole, and it is suddenly all a lot easier to paint your nails! Paint your nails without the mess!

BBQ tool

During the barbecue, you always need so many tools. One to pierce the meat, another for the times, and so on.

Is the king (or queen) of the barbecue with this 5-in-1 BBQ Tool. Twisting, poking, bragging, move, anything is possible and that within just one snap. When you use this bar, you need only one hand. The big advantage is that you are left with a hand holding a plate or drink. Barbecue easy!

Romantic candles in combination with corks

Are you also fond of romance? Want to spoil someone special with a romantic dinner? Then you have two things: a bottle of wine with a cork and a few candles.

Now you can find a combination of the two. These candles look like a real cork and can be placed in each bottle. So you can, for example, as a romantic gesture to put a cork in a wine bottle from the birth of your dinner date. With a burn time of 2.5-3 hours, they go to the end of your meal. Candles and wine needed for a perfect time!

Glass with heat and cold protection

Do you have a glass of which you prefer you drink hot beverages? Is it therefore so annoying when you want to hold because you’re still on hand?

Then we have a perfect solution for you. This heat protective glass is fitted with a silicone band that protects your hands from the heat of the glass. Also, the band prevents the glass from slipping out of your hands.

The glasses are suitable for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as desserts such as ice cream. Protect your hands from cold and warm!

Monopoly game in the style of Game of Thrones

Are you a fan of the series Game of Thrones? And you also like to play the board game Monopoly? Get ready for a combination of these two wildly popular games: Monopoly and Game of Thrones.

The rules remain the same. Which is understood Monopoly, otherwise it would be just too bloody … Will you be the richest owner in King’s Landing?

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